A World Class Garment Factory in Probolinggo

Last February, my mom and her friend took me to the garment factory named PT. Tjiwulan Putra Mandiri in Probolinggo. It produces gamis (moslem clothes) for men called Al-Noor. I didn't know that Probolinggo has a world class garment factory. It has exported its prodduct to UK, UAE, France, Malaysia, and other countries.
Honestly, at first I didn't think it would be exciting. I just want to spend my free time on Saturday. But, in the contrary, it is very exciting!😄 I met a designer from India there. I also met the owner of PT. Tjiwulan Putra Mandiri, Mrs Ina, she is so kind! In the garment factory, I saw a lot of garment machinery I have never seen before.
I felt so glad I have a chance to visit a world class garment factory. I got a valuable experience there.



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