Holiday In a Traditional City

Happy Holidays, everyone!!!! Hope you guys have an amazing holidays.
I finally got a chance to write again on my blog. I'm sorry for being inactive for a few months, I was so busy with my school assignments.
So few days ago, I went to Yogyakarta with my mom and her friends. It was in the middle of my exam, so when we arrived in Malang at 3 AM in Monday, I should got ready for school immediately.
See how I study while on vacation, it was very difficult to focus because I enjoyed the vacation😜

We stayed in Amaris Hotel which provided free breakfast and free wi-fi. This hotel is sooooo comfort! I just stayed there in 1 night, but I slept wakeless!

The views from Amaris Hotel in 5 AM vs in 5 PM.

Amaris Hotel is located in Malioboro area, so the first day there we had a walk around Malioboro and we had breakfast at Gudeg Yu Narni.

Many modern stores in Malioboro area, but it would look like a traditional stores because its building.

The next day was Sunday, I and mom went to Fort Vredeburgh Museum. But we didn't got in there because we came to early and the place hadn't open yet.Then we go to Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta. It was my mom's time to work. I didn't like wait for hours, so I called my friend, her name is Anin, then we went to Hartono Mall. There are CGV, H&M, and many more! But we didn't buy anything, we just had lunch at its food court.

I bought that palazzo pants from Batik Soenardi. Its located in Malioboro Street.

Then we went to Bakpia 99 and Taman Sari. We bought a painting too, it's located near Taman Sari. We went to those places by pedicab, the price is only Rp.10.000.

This is art😻

When I and my mom got on a pedicab.

This is Taman Sari!

Well, that Sunday was the last day in Yogyakarta. Although only 2 days there, but I really in love with this traditional city. You're awesome, Yogyakarta, see you soon!🙋