Two Days In Lombok

Happy new year 2018!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
This is my first blog in this year. So, last holiday I just stayed at home. I didn't go anywhere on holiday. But, last Friday I went to Lombok with my mom and her friends (again).
We stayed in The Jayakarta Lombok Beach Resort and Spa. This hotel is an incredible tropical traditional hotel, match with its location, in front of the beach. But one thing you must know, this hotel has no lift. So, we have to take staircase. The pool is beautiful too. I swam there with my mom.

No lift yet.

I and my mom found these cows when we had sightseeing around the hotel

I ate meatball at The Jayakarta beach resort
We went to Sasaku near The Jayakarta, it is a place for Lombok's souvenirs. I bought a beach hat, muslim women's prayer dresses, and some keychains for my friends in Malang.

Tanjung Aan Beach was our next destination. It is a beautiful beach surrounded by green hills. There were so many kid photographer. People say they were beggars, then a community taught them.

This photo was taken by one of kid photographer. He is in 6th grader.

Still around green hills, there is Kuta Mandalika Beach. We just spent there about 30 minutes. There are ATMs, minimarkets, restaurants, homestays, and a playground.

Not only visiting beaches, I made a pottery too in Lombok. It cost Rp20.000 to learn how to make pottery.
She taught me how to make pottery. Her name is Mrs. Sena.

Then, we visited weaving place. I learned how to weave too, it was harder than make a pottery.

How about food there? Lombok is full of spicy foods! I really hate something spicy. So, it was really hard to find non-spicy foods.
So many lovely places to be left, because Sunday was time to go back to Malang.
I still missing Lombok,
--but not the spicy foods there😜


  1. Raida... saya suka tulisanmu. Ditunggu tulisan perjalanan menarik di kota2 lainnya :)