Self-Photoshoot at Home

Hi, I’m back! So, it has been a year. I wonder how’s your day? What are you doing during this quarantine? It’s pretty boring, right? I have done lot of activities, such as, cooking, cleaning my house, illustrating, and others, but I was still bored. Then I decided to do photo-shooting myself. I got that inspiration from Pinterest, many people have done that.
I’m not an experienced photographer and not a model too. I just like photography and sometimes I’m being really awkward in front of camera. My camera is not that good, it was my uncle’s back then, and he gave it to me, so I have to use it well. I’m worst at make up too, I just put on lip cream as my eye shadow, blush on, and lip LMAO I have no idea, sorry. I’ve tried my best this time soo hope you like it!😍

 Well, it was a bit tiring but very exciting! I'd love to do self-photoshoot next time. Stay safe, everyone! Have a good day, Ily❤